About Me

My Journey as a Tarot card reader started on YouTube in February 2017 

My awakening happened after a loss of a parent (mother) in 2013 where I used meditation and self -healing techniques to overcome grief.

I  practise Yoga and Meditation on a regular basis and have started reading and channelling through cards to receive messages from the divine with the help of Angels and Spirit Guides.

I am a Portuguese descendent living in the UK, my paternal grandmother was a Romani Gypsy descendent and a psychic medium. Growing up watching my grandmother's psychic abilities, I began to notice my own . In my teenage years I was curious and have experimented working with spells for manifestation. Future predictions in dreams  and past-life regression were my strongest abilities before I developed my clairvoyance.

I DON'T do spell work, I provide enlightenment and advise to my clients, encouraging the use of law of attraction techniques through the power of Intention & Visualisation to Manifest their best life.